Family Law 101

Property & Debt Division in a Divorce

Colorado is a “dual property” equitable distribution state. This means that, in a divorce, the court may only divide and allocate the parties’ marital property and debt. The court may ... Read more >

Relocation with Minor Children

After divorce, it sometimes becomes necessary for a parent to relocate to a new geographic location. Sometimes the parent must relocate for financial reasons, other times for personal reasons such ... Read more >

Bankruptcy & Divorce

Under federal law, a bankruptcy filing by a debtor will “stay” (halt) legal proceedings against the debtor for collection of certain debts. This is called the Automatic Stay. The Automatic ... Read more >

Child Support

When Can Child Support be Ordered? Colorado courts may order a parent to pay child support in cases involving divorce, legal separation, paternity, parental responsibilities, and independent support proceedings. Amount ... Read more >

Client Portal

Your “Client Portal” – 24/7 Secure Online Access to Your Case As a client of , you will have 24/7 secure and protected access to every detail of your legal ... Read more >