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At Philip Goldberg PC, we know life transitions present difficulties and uncertainty. When you face family law issues, you need a trusted expert to help you find a positive path forward. We approach every case as our own and treat every client like family.

Our compassion and extensive experience make us one of Colorado’s top family law firms. Our clients depend on us for expert guidance founded on the law and pursuit of personal rights.

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Whether you are the spouse who files for divorce or the spouse served with divorce papers, we help you maximize your financial independence and prepare you for life after divorce. We have extensive knowledge of Colorado divorce law and the interconnected issues related to the dissolution of marriage.

When couples decide they no longer wish to live together but do not want to divorce, they can pursue a legal separation. The court grants terms regarding child custody, child support, and property division. We guide you through the process to meet your needs and protect your interests.

An annulment (formally known as Declaration of Invalidity of Marriage) is a judicial decree declaring a marriage never existed. The court can grant an annulment for fraud or coercion in obtaining consent to marry, or for other reasons. We help clients seek an annulment and present the required documentation to achieve a positive outcome.

If you receive an adverse ruling from the court on any issue, you may have the right to appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals and, in some cases, to the Colorado Supreme Court to overturn the adverse ruling. We represent both appealing parties and appellees at the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court to ensure the protection of your rights and the achievement of your goals.

After the court issues the dissolution of marriage decree, we take all steps to implement and enforce the agreement or judgment. If necessary, we can also take steps to revise the agreement or judgment based on a change of circumstances.

Nothing is more important to you than your children. We work with you to pursue a fair judgment for parental rights. If disputes arise regarding parenting time or decision-making for your child, we work to protect your child’s physical wellbeing while seeking their best interests and safeguarding your rights.

Child support establishes legal guidelines for who will pay and in what amount to support the financial wellbeing of the children after a divorce or other child custody proceeding. We take all steps necessary to ensure that your children are financially supported and protected.

Spouses and future spouses often wish to define or modify their respective rights and obligations formally. If you or your spouse or future spouse wish to formally define or modify the scope of your rights and obligations in the event of dissolution or death, or if one of you is now seeking to enforce an agreement, we’ll represent you to protect your rights and meet your goals.

Colorado law allows for grandparent visitation rights in certain circumstances, even if the parents object to grandparent visitation. If you are a grandparent denied visitation rights with your grandchild, or if your child’s grandparent is seeking visitation over your objection, we’ll represent you to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

If you or another person wish to establish the paternity of a child, or if another person is attempting to establish your paternity of a child over your objection, we’ll represent you in the paternity action.

The adoption process falls under family law. If you wish to adopt a child or object to another person adopting your child, we’ll guide you through the legal process.

Contempt of court may apply if your ex-spouse or child’s other parent has violated a court order regarding property transfer, maintenance, parenting time, child support, or any other issue. If you wish to institute contempt proceedings against your ex-spouse or child’s other parent, or if you have been served with a contempt citation, we’ll represent you to protect your rights and freedom.

Colorado law provides several options for modification of child support, child custody, and spousal maintenance. We can help you determine which option best fits your situation.

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