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Adoption in Colorado

Adoption is an exciting time for many Colorado families. However, some cases come with sadness and complexities. Our Denver adoption attorney helps families sort out the challenging adoption laws. The process for a legal adoption may vary based on the specific type of adoption you pursue.

Types of Adoption

Often, stepparents seek to adopt their stepchildren with the support of the child’s biological parents. If the absent parent has abandoned the child for one year, including providing no financial support, the judge may waive the consent requirement. Other adoption requirements for residency, age, and criminal record apply to stepparent adoptions.

When a biological parent cannot provide the proper care for their child, the court may place the child with extended family. This may also occur due to the death of a parent. If the child’s family member decides to pursue adoption, it is a kinship adoption. A kinship adoption can arise if the biological parents give consent or the courts deem the parents unfit and remove their parental rights. The adopting parent must still meet the legal requirements for adoption.

Custodial adoption is where the adopter has been legally appointed as the child’s guardian or custodian.

Private domestic adoptions typically occur at birth when the birth parents relinquish their rights. Child placement agencies manage the adoption process with the adoptive family. Private Colorado adoption attorneys work with the family and agency to ensure the rights of the adoptive family are protected.

International adoption occurs when a child is from another country outside of the United States. The adopting family works with a Colorado child placement agency to complete the adoption. The agency supports both the adopting family and child through this process. The family may hire an adoption attorney to assist with the legal process

Foster care in Colorado aims to reunite children with their families. However, children often benefit from adoption when parents lose their parental rights. Potential adoptive parents must complete the training and process required for foster parents. They must also meet all other requirements for legal adoption in Colorado.

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Requirements for Adoption in Colorado

Colorado law places no restrictions on who can adopt based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or expression, gender identity, or marital status. The adopting parents must be over the age of 21.

  • Step 1 – File a petition for adoption

  • Step 2 – Complete required training

  • Step 3 – Complete the home study process

  • Step 4 – Complete financial check

  • Step 5 – Complete medical checks for the adoptive parents

  • Step 6 – Complete a six-month waiting period

Each type of adoption may include some or all the steps in the adoption process. We help our clients manage the steps from start to finish.

Objections to an Adoption

Sometimes the biological parent does not consent to the adoption of their child by another person. We often see cases involving stepparent and foster care adoption. The birth parent may object for various reasons, including not wanting to relinquish their parental rights.

We represent parents with objections to petitions for adoption. We work to protect your rights and seek the best outcome for you and your child.

Adoption FAQs

Guardianships are temporary legal arrangements, while adoptions are permanent legal arrangements. With guardianship, the biological parents retain parental rights. Adoption grants parental rights to the adopting parents and forfeits the birth parent’s legal rights regarding the child.

Possibly, if the biological parent hasn’t paid child support in more than one year, has abandoned the child, or died. Otherwise, the birth parent must relinquish their parental rights for the stepparent to pursue the adoption.

A person convicted of a felony offense that involves child abuse, a violent crime, or a sex crime cannot adopt a child.

Colorado Adoption Lawyer

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