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At Philip Goldberg PC, we represent clients with family law issues in Colorado, including child support modifications. When it comes to child support, your children’s wellbeing and financial security are at stake. We work with clients to seek changes to child support obligations through the modification process.

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Modification of Child Support in Colorado

Colorado law allows for changes to current child support orders. When families experience changes in circumstances, it may necessitate a change in child support arrangements. The party must submit a motion to modify child support and a sworn financial statement.

We work with clients to ensure you understand the allowable reasons to request a modification and the process involved.

What is Modification of Child Support?

Modification of child support is simply a change to any part of the child support order, including the amount or duration. The court follows specific child support guidelines to determine the need for change based on either party’s request due to significant changes in circumstances.

The court works to obtain an outcome that meets the child’s best interests.

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Requirements for Child Support Modification

The requesting party must complete the proper documentation for modification, including the required motion and financial data. The court only allows requests to modify child support for specific situations.

When a change of the child’s physical care occurs, whether court-ordered, voluntary, or mutually agreed upon, the court may modify or terminate the existing child support order as of the date of change in the physical care.

The court allows modifications for other changes in circumstances. However, the party seeking the change generally must show that the adjustment in circumstances results in a 10% or greater impact on the monthly child support obligation.

Reasons for Modification Requests

  • The child has been legally emancipated or no longer lives with the receiving party

  • A significant change in either party’s income
  • The costs to provide for the child changed, like with daycare expenses
  • The number of overnight visits with the non-custodial parent significantly changed
  • If the court did not include a provision for medical support, like insurance coverage, deductibles, copays, or unreimbursed medical expenses.

How A Family Law Attorney Helps with Child Support Modification

Child support enforcement and guidelines are complex, and asking for changes to the original agreement requires a clear understanding of the legal process and requirements. Working with an experienced family law attorney supports your efforts and gives guidance on proceeding.

Our legal team has extensive experience working on child support and child custody issues. From requests for healthcare coverage to a reduction in payments due to spending more nights with your child, we have the skill and knowledge to navigate the legal system. Get the help you need. After all, child support impacts your child’s daily life and future.

Philip Goldberg PC offers personalized service with attention to the details.

  • Understand the unique issues involved in the child support agreement and order
  • Assist with processing of the motion to modify child support and the sworn financial statement
  • Assist with understanding – and possibly litigating – issues with the other party’s financial information including income from self-employment, voluntary unemployment or underemployment, vesting of stock options or restricted stock units, income from trusts, and other issues

  • Protect the rights, interests, and privacy of our clients and their families

  • Represent you at hearings throughout the process

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Modification of Child Support FAQs

Yes, but you do not need to file the motion to modify child support. Instead, both parties file a stipulation with the court. The court reviews the stipulation and decides whether to approve the changes. If approved, the changes go into effect.

If you do not file through the court, the paying party will remain legally responsible for the existing child support obligations. The best approach to protect all involved, including the children, is to file correctly through the courts.

We work with clients to file a stipulation to modify child support in Colorado.

Typically, child support continues until the child turns 19. Child support may continue past age 19 if the child remains in high school or has a physical or mental disability.

The death of a parent presents emotional and financial hardships. Understanding child support after a death of a parent also presents complications. The specifics of each situation dictate how to move forward with the issue.

We work with families to seek legal outcomes in the child’s best interest. Contact us today for more information on the child support process after a death.

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