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At Philip Goldberg PC, we represent clients in Colorado with post-divorce legal issues. Divorce touches every aspect of a person’s life. Even after the divorce becomes final, legal problems or questions can arise. We are here with compassionate support for our clients to manage these legal processes.

After the final Decree of Dissolution, we take all necessary steps to implement and enforce the separation agreement or judgment. If needed, we will also take steps to revise the agreement or judgment based on a change of circumstances.

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Post-Divorce Legal Issues

After a divorce, individuals often must deal with ongoing issues related to the divorce decree.

Post-Divorce Modifications

In addition to dealing with the immediate aftermath of the divorce, people may need to modify their divorce agreement or orders due to changes in circumstances. Colorado law provides specific guidance for the modification process. The court will often consider whether a substantial change in circumstances justifies modifying the original order. Then, the court may issue modifications based on the parties’ or children’s best interests.

Failure to Comply with the Divorce Judgment

Once the judge issues the final judgment, the divorcing parties become bound to the decision. In other words, the parties have a legal obligation to follow the ruling for all issues, like the division of property and child custody.

If either party does not comply, that it is a failure to comply. We work with clients dealing with a failure to comply issue. Common issues on which we represent clients include:

  • Failure to pay spousal maintenance or child support
  • Not returning children when scheduled
  • Refusal to sign required paperwork to transfer property
  • Refusing to move out of the home awarded to the other party
  • And more

Divorce is messy, but we’ve successfully helped our clients navigate many post-divorce issues.

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How to Manage A Post-Divorce Dispute

Emotions often run high during and after a divorce. However, to achieve the best results, contact your family law attorney for guidance on the issue.

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Post-Divorce FAQs

It is essential to protect yourself after divorce. You should follow the court’s orders on all issues including transferring property and paying spousal or child support. Also, it is advisable to keep copies of all financial records, such as bank statements, credit card bills, etc., so that they are readily accessible if a dispute arises. The end of a marriage is stressful; however, it is vital to take care of your financial future.

After receiving the final judgment and divorce decree, you must follow the court’s orders which may include the following issues.

  1. Property Transfer – Each party should transfer deeds and accounts into their names according to the court’s property judgment. Everything from homes to cars and retirement accounts requires action.
  2. Insurance and Wills – One or both parties often need to secure new insurance coverage after a divorce. In addition, updating or creating a will can protect your assets in the event of a death.
  3. Name Change – If the court granted a spouse a name change as part of the divorce, that party must notify all creditors and accounts of the change, from the DMV to your library card.

Either party may file a post-decree motion after a divorce. Modification requests may include:

Any requested change to the divorce judgment requires a post-decree motion.

Compassion and Results from Philip Goldberg PC

Philip Goldberg understands the importance of resolving post-divorce issues accurately and quickly. You do not have to face these problems alone. We provide the legal support you need for results. We know the emotional toll caused by divorce; therefore, we offer compassion and care for our clients throughout the process.

At our law firm, we provide clear communication and hands-on support. We have extensive experience handling all types of post-divorce issues. Gain the confidence you need to pursue the legal remedies due to you from the divorce judgment.

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