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At Philip Goldberg PC we represent clients with spousal support issues in Colorado, including modifications. When it comes to spousal maintenance, each party deserves a fair outcome. We work with clients to seek changes to the original divorce decree through the modification process.

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Spousal Maintenance Modification Colorado

Colorado law refers to alimony as spousal maintenance. After a divorce or separation, either party may request a modification to the alimony award. The party must submit a motion to modify maintenance.

The court will determine whether there has been a substantial change in circumstances that warrants a modification. If so, the court can make changes to the original order.

What is Spousal Maintenance Modification?

Spousal maintenance modification is a legal process where the court reconsiders the awarded alimony because one party has experienced a significant change in circumstances. While the changes typically tie to income, other factors can influence the court’s decision.

The ruling from the modification process is binding and overrules the original alimony award.

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Requirements for Spousal Maintenance Modification

Colorado law sets specific standards for modification. Changes in income may not be enough to justify a change in spousal maintenance. While the court uses the statutory formula as a guide in the original alimony calculation, a modification is not formulaic. When the court considers the change request, it evaluates the totality of financial circumstances and other changes.

Modification may occur if the court deems the existing maintenance agreement is no longer fair because the parties’ circumstances have substantially and continually changed. The filing party must submit the motion to modify maintenance before the expiration of the current maintenance term.

Potential Reasons for Modification

  • Change in a career with a significant change in income
  • Loss of a job

  • Development of a disability

  • Loss of assets or property

  • Other significant change in financial circumstances

If either party experiences a significant change, either party can request the modification. For example, if the payor spouse has a substantial increase in income, the recipient spouse may request an increase in alimony. Likewise, if the paying party becomes disabled, they could request a decrease or termination of alimony payments.

How a Divorce Lawyer Helps with Spousal Maintenance Modification

Working with an experienced divorce attorney gives extra support and knowledge as you navigate complex family law. Our legal team has extensive experience working on spousal maintenance issues. From requests for termination of maintenance to seeking an increase in payment duration, we understand the law and the court processes. We can provide the information you need to determine whether pursuing a request for modification makes sense for you.

We provide knowledgeable and compassionate representation with a focus on the details.

  • Understand the unique aspects of each spousal maintenance plan
  • Assist with the processing of the motion to modify and financial documentation

  • Protect the rights and interests of our clients and their families

  • Represent you at hearings

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Spousal Maintenance Modification FAQs

Either spouse may waive the right to receive maintenance if the waiver is in writing or made orally in court. The waiver must be knowing and voluntary without coercion.

The court typically terminates maintenance upon the death of either party or the receiving spouse’s remarriage unless otherwise ordered or agreed in writing.

Yes. The law does not require that you work with a family law attorney for modification issues. However, working with an experienced attorney helps with the complexity of the process. We represent our client’s rights and interests throughout the process.

Legal Support for Spousal Support Modification

Philip Goldberg PC has a clear knowledge of family law, including spousal maintenance modification. We work with clients on all types of family law and divorce issues in Colorado.

Alimony impacts the quality of life for you and your family. Whether you are paying or receiving alimony, you deserve a fair outcome. That’s why we offer personalized and compassionate service. We use our extensive experience to achieve positive results.

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