Client satisfaction is our highest priority. Recent client reviews:

Phil Goldberg is a superb attorney. As a client, I was immediately drawn to Phil’s breadth of knowledge, his level of patience, his kindness, and most importantly – his integrity. Phil worked hard to ensure that I was comfortable with our strategy during every phase of my case. The outcome of my case exceeded my expectations, and I have only Phil to thank for that. My divorce was finalized over 3 years ago, yet I still tell people how great my attorney was. Since working with Phil during my divorce, I have recommended his services to several friends and acquaintances with great success.

Jaddy B.

Philip Goldberg was my divorce attorney from May – August 2015. I would absolutely recommend Philip! Divorce is one of the hardest and most confusing things to go through, and Philip made it a lot easer. He was also very fair in his pricing and empathetic to my financial needs. Philip is VERY knowledgeable about the divorce process and seeks fairness on all sides. He made the whole process less intimidating and put me at ease. He lays out all of your options and gives his professional opinion, but ultimately leaves the decision up to you. If you’re looking for someone to make a difficult time just a bit easier, you will not go wrong hiring Philip.


Hiring Phil to represent me in my divorce was a decision that I would make a million times over. His level of professionalism, honesty, compassion, advocacy and skill are absolutely irreplaceable and unmatched. He responded promptly whenever I had questions and he would repeat things to me as often as I needed, never once making me feel inferior. Phil made sure I was fully aware of my options as the process moved forward and advised on his recommendations, but he always left the final decision up to me. He was efficient and honorable of my time in regards to his billable hours as well. I felt empowered with him by my side to stand up for what was best for myself and my son, and I am eternally grateful for him!

Rebecca L.

My experience with Phil made it clear that he possesses a rare and exceptional blend of professional knowledge, integrity, work ethic, and compassion for his clients. His attention to detail and thoroughness in communication are as unmatched as they are rarity in his line of work. I always felt I was a priority as a client, and Phil would often go out of his way to make himself available on evenings or weekends to answer questions or respond to my inquiries. I would recommend him without reservation for anyone seeking a prepared, focused, and honorable attorney.

Michael S.

Mr. Goldberg is extremely professional, understood the process I wanted to pursue in executing a divorce that was not my doing. Mr. Goldberg advised me of all of the ins and outs of my wishes and processed them in the most professional manner that any one could have. I would recommend Mr. Goldberg , not only for his understanding and execution of the law, but also for his understanding of his client. This latter point was very important to me and should be for anyone involved with family law in any manner.

Skip D.

Phil helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. My marriage of 17 years ended, and I needed help. Phil was there for me and gave me good, sound advice. He made sure that I did not get taken advantage of. Anytime I had questions, needed reassurance or someone to talk to, Phil was there. Phil also ensured that he made my needs and wants in this difficult process, his priority. I would recommend his services to anyone who asks.

James S.

Phil has been helping me with legal co-parenting matters for a number of years now, and his attention to detail is unmatched. He’s also very thoughtful in his approach – knowing how to pursue the most important issues in the most efficient way possible, with an emphasis on relationships. He is exceptional in both his analysis and approach.

Gretchen H.

Highly Recommended. Philip Goldberg executed my case quickly and effectively. He was able to take years and narrow it down to strong point of facts that would win my case.

Michael G.

Phil is the best family law attorney out there. His integrity, knowledge and compassion are exactly what you would expect to find when searching for an attorney to help with all the most delicate situations.

Phil J.

Phil was an excellent, excellent attorney and counselor during a very trying time. He was the most professional, pragmatic, and honest advocate I could have hoped for. Both as a former client, and a fellow member of the bar, I recommend him emphatically.

Douglas S.

I am grateful to have had Phil’s advice and support during a difficult time. He was fully present and prepared every time we met, and he was patient and thorough when discussing my questions and concerns. I trusted Phil’s advice completely, and I was able to walk away knowing that the process could not have gone better.


Phil is an exceptional family law attorney. He is always quick to respond to my concerns and is very thorough in his analysis of my situation. I have recommended him to several friends who have needed help with family law matters and they have all reported back that they have been equally impressed.

Jason L.

Philip Goldberg was a tremendous help with finalizing details with my divorce. I hired Phil on a limited basis to review a settlement agreement from a mediated divorce. He was attentive, compassionate, understanding and vigilant about protecting my interests in our case and I have complete and utter trust in him. In particular he spotted an error surrounding a promissory note in the settlement agreement that could have inadvertently caused me to foreclose on our house and loose assets in excess of $150,000. I’m so happy I found him!

Kimberly B.

Phillip Goldberg is great. He knows every thing there is to know about helping out in a ruff time. He makes sure you have all your information so you know what to expect. He does his best to make it as easy going as possible. Philip is recommended by me.

Ed J.

I am a financial services professional, and I have worked with Phil on multiple occasions. When the need arises, Phil refers clients to me for my services, and I refer clients to Phil, both for general legal counsel and for Phil’s specialty practice, Family Law. Phil has also provided legal guidance for me, and I can state from my personal experience that he is an exceptional attorney – highly skilled, ethical, responsive, and he is an excellent and compassionate advocate for his clients.


Phil Goldberg helped me with an issue with my ex wife 4 years after our payment plan was completed. I needed someone who would stand up for me and be a champion. He, literally, saved me 6 figures and handled things in a calm and professional manner. His knowledge is evident and he treated me as a friend. I’d give him my highest recommendation.


Phil has helped me in my business and family issues. I have found him to very competent. He has broad knowledge of the law.


Philip Goldberg was everything I needed at a time when my life was at its shakiest point. I hired Philip on a consultation basis during my divorce. My ex-husband and I were using a mediator but I really wanted someone who was looking our for my interested to review our settlement agreement. I couldn’t be more happy with the many ways that Philip helped me. He found details in our agreement that seemed perfectly harmless but would have been a nightmare to sort out legally. He edited and made changes to the agreement to ensure my best interests that I will be forever grateful for. He explained everything very clearly and compassionately without sounding the slightest bit condescending. I am so grateful that I found Philip during a very difficult time of my life. It was such a relief to know that I was in such good hands.


I highly recommend Mr. Goldberg I used him for a prenup about 3 months ago and he told me issues I never heard of until i talked to him. It was easy to work with him and the price wad resenble now I feel comfortable if I ever go through a divorce.


I have been working in different law firms since 2006 and it is very rare to find such an honest attorney. Knowing the in’s and out’s of the legal field, I had high expectations for the attorney I choose to hire for myself. Philip will treat your case with so much attention you will feel like you are his only client. His professionalism in court helps the judge understand your side in a very clear way. Going through a divorce is not an easy bridge to cross but it helps to have him fighting for you. I cannot imagine hiring anyone else through such a difficult time. Thank you again Philip!


I have known Philip Kay for several years and he is kind, professional, honest, and extremely knowledgeable. He is very passionate about the work that he does and he is a man of integrity. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services. I know others that have worked with him and they have been very pleased. He will take very good care of you and yours.