Why We’re Different


We limit our caseload so we can devote our full attention and resources to each case.


We get to know you personally. This enables us to fully understand your case and the issues you are facing.


An experienced attorney handles every detail of your case. While we may use paralegals and other professionals for routine tasks to keep your costs down, an attorney personally supervises every task to ensure that you receive the best representation possible and nothing falls through the cracks.


We strive to answer your phone calls when you call. If we are out of the office, your calls are forwarded to our mobile phones. If we cannot take your call, we strive to return your call the same day.

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We utilize technology to the greatest extent possible to manage and advance your case. You have 24/7 secure online access to your case documents, invoices, and calendar through your “client portal.” You can schedule appointments or phone calls with us online. You can fill out necessary forms and paperwork online. You can securely e-sign documents online. You can securely pay your bill online with a credit card, e-Check (ACH), Venmo, or PayPal. We use speech recognition software to efficiently draft documents and written communications, saving time and money. We eliminate paper whenever possible which lowers our overhead and fees.


We only charge for work that actively advances your case.

  • We do not charge you for administrative time.
  • For multi-attorney conferences, we only charge for the lowest timekeeper’s time.
  • We aggregate tasks to minimize “rounding up” charges.

Like most law firms, we bill in increments of 1/10 hour (6 minutes) and tasks that take less than 6 minutes are normally rounded up and charged at 1/10 hour. We do our best to aggregate tasks that take less than 1/10 hour so you do not pay for time that is rounded up.

  • For example, instead of charging you 1/10 hour for reviewing a 30-second email, we’ll aggregate tasks and only charge for 1/10 hour when 1/10 hour was actually spent working on your case.
  • We’ll often bill quick tasks as a “no charge” so you can keep tabs on what we are doing for you but not have to pay for every millisecond of our time.


We have extensive experience in a wide variety of legal practice areas that often impact your family law case.

  • We have a deep understanding and extensive experience in real estate law, title litigation, probate law, commercial litigation, personal injury and workers’ compensation, collection law, and appellate law and procedure.


If an issue arises in your case that requires outside expertise, we will consult with lawyers and experts who specialize in the area so you always receive best-in-class representation on every issue in your case.